Our Story

Within the nurturing, loving environment of Christ Kitchen, women learn work skills, life skills, and relational needs are met. We offer a community of hope.

Hope is the foundation on which this ministry is built. Women come through our doors facing employment and life challenges after incarceration, trafficking, abuse, addiction, and other challenges. We see transformative and lasting healing as these women learn to become employable, self-sufficient, and Christ-reliant.

Christ Kitchen combines business and philanthropy to break the cycle of poverty for women and the children who rely on them for survival. Our vision is a community where no woman lives in poverty due to lack of skills, abusive relationships, or reliance on government or unhealthy substances. Our job training and employment fosters character and leadership development, reduces the load on our foster care and welfare systems, and increases the economic base of our region.

Through the production and sale of dried food products, catering, a food truck, cafe and coffee house, Christ Kitchen offers women nine job training matrices, so that they can become employable in a position that provides a living wage and benefits. These training programs are beginning culinary arts, commercial baking, catering, food truck management, barista, customer service/marketing, office administration, retail/wholesale, and horticulture/gardening.

DEI Statement

Diversity and Inclusion are key characteristics of our program. Our approach is very deliberate in actively fostering diversity among employees, volunteers, and members of our Board of Directors, our Mission Impact Council, and volunteers.

We believe that it is our calling to love people unconditionally in order to create an environment that respects and values individual differences along varying dimensions. While diversity is often used in reference to race, ethnicity, and gender, we embrace a broader definition of diversity that also includes age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance.

Our definition also includes diversity of thought: ideas, perspectives, and values. We love everyone in the name of Jesus. Love and acceptance are reflected in our mission, vision, and values; incorporated into our strategic plan; and cascaded throughout our daily work.

Mission Impact Council

The Mission Impact Council is...

  • A volunteer fundraising leadership group created to advance the mission of Christ Kitchen, through an investment of time, talent and treasure, in partnership with the Development Manager and CEO.
  • Focused on increasing opportunity and equity for women living in poverty, and the children that rely on them for survival.
  • An opportunity to actively engage with and support local community and make a mighty impact in the fight against poverty.

If this is a ministry you want to learn more about, please contact us. This group meets every other month over dinner at the Kitchen.

Meet Our Team

Kim Kelly
Chief Executive Officer and Executive Program Director
Women's Ministry Pastor, C.T.S.C, CRFE
Sharon Robertson
Donor & Community Relations Manager
Jan Martinez