Beverage Basket
Everyone loves a warm beverage and this basket is sure to please! Includes Heavenly Cocoa, Peppermint Cocoa, Testament Tea, Soulful Cider, Christ Kitchen mug and Chocolate Espresso beans.
Book Basket
The Christ Kitchen Book Basket is a uniquely thoughtful gift. It includes Jan Martinez’s book Christ Kitchen: Loving Women Out of Poverty, a package of our scrumptious Sarah’s Scones, a Christ Kitchen coffee mug with a package of our soothing Testament Tea.
Chilly Chile Night Basket
You'll be wishing for a cold snowy night, just to enjoy these goodies! Basket includes Chariots of Chile, Cornbread of Life, Benevolent Brownies, and Soulful Cider.
Christmas Window Trio Gift Box
You'll be the life of the Christmas party when you bring this gift! Includes Joyous Gingersnaps, Peppermint Brownies, and Peppermint Cocoa.
Cookie Basket
Who wants flowers, when you can have a beautiful and tasty display of buttery, delicious and beautiful cookies?! Basket includes a selection of five of our most popular cookie mixes - Benevolent Brownies, Trinity Triple Chip Blondies, Joyous Gingersnaps, Glorious Gluten-Free Cookies, and Obedient Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies.
Daily Brews Basket
Your highly-caffeinated friends will thank you when you gift them this basket! Includes 1 lb. of our Christ Kitchen coffee blend, Flying Goat tea, 2 campfire mugs and Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.
Dinner Basket
This is a perfect basket to share with any family. It is filled with everything you need for an awesome dinner: Victorious Vegetable Soup, Converted Rice, Cornbread of Life, Testament Tea, and Lydia's Lemon Bars or Trinity Triple Chip Blondies.
Fun at Heart Basket
This basket is filled with some of our yummiest treats - Benevolent Brownies, Lydia's Lemon Bars, Mercy Mints, Spicy Popcorn Seasoning, and Testament Tea.
Gluten Free Basket
The perfect basket for the gluten free people in your life. Enjoy Disciple 12 Bean Soup, Glorious Gluten-Free Cookies, Living Lentil Salad, Radiant Rice Soup, and Converted Rice.
Grill & Chill Basket
Steak rub, chicken rub, spicy popcorn seasoning and an array of our new delicious dip mixes!
Keto Basket - Coming Soon!
You can eat keto and still enjoy Christ Kitchen dried mixes! This basket will include two keto soups, Chocolate Keto Crinkle Cookies, and our delicious Keto Lemon Ricotta Scones.
King Souper Basket
This basket is full of 5 of our delicious soups - Blessed Bean, Disciple 12 Bean, Chariots of Chile, Red Sea Split Pea, and Victorious Vegetable.
Kit'n'Kaboodle Basket
Our Kit-N-Kaboodle Basket is a delightful gift of epic proportion! This basket has one of almost every dry gourmet food product we sell and includes a wonderful variety of soups, salads, side dishes, breads and snacks. (Please note: this basket can not be shipped and is for in town delivery only) DELIVERY ONLY
Pacific Northwest Pulse Basket
A delectable array of three soups and two salads featuring lentils and beans that represent the Inland Northwest (the pulse capital of the world!).
SONrise Breakfast Basket
Wake up to an incredible breakfast or brunch, Christ Kitchen-style! Our SONrise Basket contains Buttermilk Waffles, Heavenly Blue Hotcakes, Omega Oatmeal, Soulful Cider, and Heavenly Cocoa.
Vegetarian Basket
A cold night calls for a warm basket, and our Vegetarian Basket definitely delivers! This basket includes our Victorious Vegetable Soup, Tabitha's Tabouli, Blue Cornbread of Life, Converted Rice, Benevolent Brownies, Living Lentil Salad, and Testament Tea.
Window Duo Gift Box
Charmingly packaged, this gift box includes your choice of either Chariots of Chile and Yellow Cornbread of Life, OR Warrior White Bean Chili and Blue Cornbread of Life.
Heavenly Cocoa
There's nothing quite so soothing as a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly day. This is cocoa like Grandma used to make! Try adding a few tablespoons to your morning coffee or as a pick-me-up anytime of day. Kids of all ages love the rich chocolate taste and delightful marshmallows bouncing on top.
Peppermint Christmas Cocoa
Can you think of anything more festive than a rich, hot cup of peppermint cocoa on Christmas morning? So delicious, it will become a Christmas tradition!
Soulful Cider
Real cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice berries, orange peel and cardamom seeds bring the “spice” to our Soulful Cider Spice Mix. Think of it as an apple-flavored potpourri for your room that you can actually drink while enjoying its exotic, nurturing aroma and flavor.
Testament Tea
Oooh, the brew! Just the right coupling of sweet orange and tangy lemon tea spiced with cinnamon and cloves and splashes of Red Hots candy bits. Share a cup, hot or cold, with a friend.
Christ Kitchen: Loving Women Out Of Poverty by Jan Martinez
Jan's story of creating the ministry that is Christ Kitchen from her own painful experiences will touch you deeply and inspire you to answer God's call in your own life.
Heavenly Blue Corn Hotcakes
Organic blue corn meal brings nutty nutrition, color and crunch to the traditional pancake, taking it from ordinary to hazy-blue-buttermilk-y extraordinary.
Luke's Keto Lemon Ricotta Scones
Tender and lemony, you'd never guess these were keto! Made with almond flour and iced with keto white chocolate, these are perfect any time of day, any day of the year!
Omega Oatmeal
Start your day right with a delicious bowl of Omega Oatmeal. Fruits, nuts, grains and spices add zing to this all-time favorite and healthy breakfast treat.
Sarah's Simple Scones
There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book, a warm drink and a luscious freshly baked scone. Our moist, tantalizingly rich and delicious scones combine tart cranberries with creamy white chocolate chips for a scrumptiously dense morning treat! Omit the cranberries and add dried blueberries for an amazing delight! Everyone will want your recipe!
Benevolent Brownies
A delicious Christ Kitchen dinner just isn't complete without something chocolate to finish it off! Our ever-so-rich, luscious brownies add just the right sweetness and fun to any meal.
Cherished Keto Crinkle Cookies
Have your chocolate and stay keto too! You won't know this delicious cookie is keto - just that it reminds you of your Mom's chocolate crinkle cookies from your childhood.
Gideon's Glorious Gluten-Free Cookies
These rich, chocolatey cookies are filled with oats, but no flour! They are simple to make and will be a favorite of everyone!
Joyous Gingersnaps
A holiday favorite, a lunchbox favorite - this tender gingersnap will satisfy your sweet tooth. Possibly the best gingersnap you've ever eaten!
Lydia's Lemoniest Lemon Bars
Pure perfection, not too sweet or tangy, yet so rich and buttery.
Naomi Bars
Like its cousin the Nanomi bar, these feature a graham cracker crust, soft custard, topped with chocolate and coconut. Bake them and watch how fast they disappear!
Obedient Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies
There is nothing more wonderful than eating fresh baked oatmeal cookies laced with yummy butterscotch chips!
Paradise Pumpkin Bread
All the flavors of fall in a sweet, tender bread. Add the Browned Butter Maple Glaze and you'll be in paradise!
Saintly S'mores
These luscious cookie bars taste JUST like the gooey treat you used to make around the campfire!
Shining Star Sugar Cookie
A classic cookie for the holidays but also a year-round favorite! Keep it simple with a sprinkling of sugar, or dress it up with sweet frosting.
Spirit Filled Snickerdoodles
Soft, warm, cinnamon-y snickerdoodles. If you haven't tried ours yet, you're in for a treat! A great afterschool snack, or afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of tea or coffee.
Trinity Triple Chip Cookies
A meal isn't complete without a cookie! Our ever-so-rich, luscious cookies add just the right sweetness and fun to any meal. Contains semisweet, vanilla and butterscotch chips - yum!
Virtuous Venetian Cornmeal and Currant Biscotti
Dipped in white chocolate, these cookies will transport you to Italy when you enjoy with a warm beverage.
Benjamin Beluga Lentil Salad
Do you like Mediterranean flavors? You'll love this lentil salad - add feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes. It's even better the next day!
Blue Cornbread of Life
Cornbread complements any Christ Kitchen bean or soup dish, adding a low fat, high fiber side desirable for hearty health and weight conscious meals.
Converted Rice
This flavorful curried rice is accented by slivered almonds and sweet raisins. The deep yellow color and fragrant aroma make a beautiful and delicious side dish for meat or poultry.
Corn Bread of Life
Cornbread complements any Christ Kitchen bean or soup dish, adding a delicious side that's both low fat and high fiber.
Living Lentil Salad
A cool, tangy salad loaded with red lentils, dried currants and 13 spices! Serve on a bed of baby spinach if you like.
Exalted Espresso Beans
Chocolate-covered espresso beans - what a thoughtful gift, or just a great pick-me-up!
Mercy Mint Lentils
Smooth, crunchy, chocolate candies.
Spicy Hallelujah Popcorn Seasoning Blend
Turn your ordinary popcorn into a sweet, spicy, salty treat!
Blessed Bean Soup
There's nothing as satisfying as a cup of thick, rich bean soup after a long day. This soup features black turtle beans, red beans, pinto peans, green and yellow split peas, red and brown lentils.
Bountiful Beef Barley Soup
A hearty tomato-based soup packed full of garlic and Italian herbs. Add your favorite beef and dinner is served!
Chariots of Chile
Three kinds of beans - red, black and pinto - combine to create this extra rich bean chili. Dried vegetables and herbs add the "secret" ingredients to make this deep, hearty chili a favorite among both children and adults. Feel free to add more spice if you like it extra hot!
Disciple Bean Soup
A hearty mix of split peas, and beans - let it cook all day and the aroma will make your mouth water!
Faithful French Lentil Soup
To this hearty, curry-flavored lentil soup you add a dollop of herbed yogurt. The sumptuous flavors put a new spin on a classic recipe.
Jeremiah's Hearty Potato Chowder
Potatoes and corn surrounded by a creamy chowder base - what could be better? Top with cheese, bacon, green onions - your family will thank you and ask for seconds!
Lamb of God Lemony Lentil Soup
You've never had something quite like this lemony lentil soup, full of incredible flavor and comforting, healthy ingredients like lentils, quinoa, carrots, and spices. It will warm your soul!
Lion of Judah Lemon Rice Soup
You'll love this bright lemony soup, reminiscent of a Greek avgolemeno soup. Your friendly foodies and your picky eaters will both delight in this unique soup - and it's gluten-free!
Radiant Rice Soup
This creamy soup is full of robust flavors. Served on a cold rainy day with a loaf of bread, it's sure to please any crowd! Add chopped, cooked chicken for a meaty alternative. This soup makes great leftovers, so make a big batch!
Red Sea Split Pea Soup
Split pea soup is a favorite in many homes, and Christ Kitchen's version honors the classic recipe with just the right complement of spices. Add a ham bone or chopped ham for a complete meal!
Treasured Tuscan White Bean & Quinoa Stew
Hearty and flavorful, loaded with delicious beans, quinoa and garden vegetables. Add Italian sausage, kale and chopped tomatoes and you'll believe you've been transported to Tuscany!
Victorious Vegetable Soup
Do you ever crave old-fashioned vegetable soup that fills the house with delicious, rich aromas and that tastes divine? This soup is deeply satisfying - the only thing lacking is a wonderful friend with whom to share!
Warrior White Bean Chile
This hearty soup is easy to make and full of wonderful herbs and flavors. Sprinkle with lime and cilantro for a treat!